Sunday, November 11, 2007

Face Treatments


This innovative, targeted formula is intended to smooth away DEEP wrinkles. The unique powder magically transforms itself into a cream to deliver its potent ingredients where you need it the most. In-Vivo tests demonstrated its efficacy. Little by little, the years dissolve before your very eyes as deep wrinkles appear smoother, like “filled” from within.

Recommended For: All skin types. To be applied locally on deep wrinkles.


This advanced cellular cream helps achieve a long lasting matte finish and promotes skin regeneration. Its fresh, smooth texture provides an immediate matte appearance as it dries and tightens the complexion. Its double mattifying powder captures excess sebum and controls shine by eliminating reflections.

Recommended For: Combination and oily skin. Especially formulated for aging skin that requires revitalization and an instant shine free appearance.


This advanced cellular cream helps regenerate dry skin and restore the key fatty acid profile of the lipid barrier while preventing water loss. Its smooth, replenishing texture provides immediate comfort while leaving the complexion soft and delicately scented.

Recommended For: Dry skin to restore the lipid level and for normal skin to maintain its balance. Especially formulated for aging skin that requires immediate revitalization.


This velvety “water in oil” emulsion is a virtual bandage for the skin, enveloping and isolating like a protective cocoon. This shield-like cream maintains the cutaneous balance and protects the skin from damage of light and aggressions caused by extreme weather conditions like wind and cold.

Recommended For: Very dry and sensitive skin.


This exceptional, intensive serum provides a noticeable "face lift" within minutes, while visibly reducing wrinkles and making the skin feel more toned and younger looking. Contains a high concentration of 6 plant and marine boosters with tightening and restructuring properties. Together they help restore the precious firmness and moisture of the skin, giving the complexion a new resilience.

Recommended For: All skin types. Ideal for aging skin that needs a "lift" to improve its resilience.


The silky cream boasts a new „slimming“ technology that helps stimulate, regenerate and „lift“ the vulnerable skin of the neck and chin. It dissolves with a cooling sensation, leaving the skin distinctively soft and refined, as if resculpted. The profile that lacked suppleness and resilience is reshaped with more delicate and visibly youthful features.

Recommended For: Neck and chin area. Ideal for skin that lacks tone.


This very effective, yet gentle 2-step exfoliation program is formulated to safely and intensively lift away dead keratinized skin cells in order for a younger looking and radiant skin to emerge. Skin texture and pores seem refined, lines and wrinkles appear less pronounced. It enables the skin to benefit more from the rest of the Swiss Line skin care products and the results are remarkable.

Recommended For: For all skin types except sensitive skin.

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